Tuesday, June 10, 2014

No Cruising in 2014

We bought cruising guides and charts.  We updated our chart plotter.  We even bought an electric motor for our dinghy.  Then Jim went to the Cleveland Clinic for a cardiology consultation and came out 17 days and a quadruple heart bypass later.  They say recovery takes at least six months, so there goes the 2014 cruising season.  There were breathing issues that were not corrected until late April so that’s when the six months started.

We have decided to leave the boat stored on the hard in Mobile until March 2015 when we will start the cruise we planned for 2014.

We will spend the summer in Cleveland with Jim doing a three month cardiac rehab program at the Clinic.  Diane is doing yoga and walking every day.  Jim hopes to return to yoga in July.  We spent the past winter in Cleveland and it was a particularly harsh one.  We swore we would never spend another winter here.  We will be somewhere warm for the next one.

Tune in next March for our return to cruising.


  1. So sorry to hear about Jim's health problem

  2. We will be returning to Ohio on Tuesday and return to Trinidad in Oct/Nov to start our return voyage back to the States. Would love to hear about your adventures on the Loop.